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One Hour in Paradise

On October 15th students of English Philology, Erasmus+ students and their Tutors had “an amazing hour in paradise”- a presentation about México and its wonders given by one of our international students, Dulce Baeza. She taught the class about the history of Mexico, how they became independent from Spain after many years of being treated like slaves and how they celebrate independence day on September 16 by having big parties and dressing up with colorful traditional clothes.

She talked about the most important traditions that México has, like the “Day of the Dead” which takes place on November 1st and is very similar to the one celebrated in Poland, but the name is different, here is “All Saints Day”. México celebrates it by having a carnival in México City with big skeletons and people dancing on the streets.

Dulce described Mexico's pyramids, the ones that are in Teotihuacan called “El Sol” y “La Luna” and explained a little about the history and legends on how it was built and why they have those names. Chichén Itzá located in Yucatán was the other pyramid she mentioned- also very interesting one. After that she explained that Tequila is not only an alcohol drink, it's also a town located in Guadalajara, she gave a very funny lesson to the students on how to properly take Tequila shots.

Dulce also talked about her hometown Ensenada which is located in Baja California. She mentioned the Guadalupe Valley and how they produce a big amount of wine that is distributed around México, also explained that they have a lot of places where you can have great craft beer, one of them is Agua Mala and 5 raices. If you ever go to Ensenada you must visit those places and taste the food they serve there, as it is amazing, especially Tacos of course.

She finished her México class with a game, called the gummy bear challenge, the students were divided in teams and she gave each group:

  • 20 sticks of spaghetti
  • one yard of tape one yard of string
  • one gummy bear

The goal of the activity was to build the tallest, free-standing structure out of those materials and at the top of the structure they had to put a gummy bear.


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