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Twenty years for the development of the region


The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa has been established by the Council of Ministers Regulation on 1 June 2001. The teaching activity has begun on 1 October 2001. At that time, over one thousand students started their studies in five specializations: environmental architecture, finance, and organizational management, applied computer science, German language, and production and service management. 

The idea of establishing a university in Nysa and the coordinator of all work leading to its establishment was Prof. Ryszard Knosala, its first Rector. He received support from provincial authorities, local government, and city authorities headed by, at that time, the mayor of Nysa Janusz Sanocki. In the realization of Prof. Ryszard Knosala's concept, he engaged the Nysa Commune in financial, organizational, and infrastructural matters. The following rectors were: Prof. Stefan Szymura, Ph.D., and Prof. Zofia Wilimowska, Ph.D., professor of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa. The University Chancellor since the beginning of its existence is Zbigniew Szlempo.

Educational offer

The University of Applied Sciences Nysa currently offers full-time and part-time Bachelor's, Engineer's and Master's degree courses to approximately two thousand students in twelve fields of study: Architecture, Internal Security, Dietetics, Philology (English and German), Finance and Accounting, Computer Science, Jazz and Stage Music, Cosmetology, Nursing, Human Psychophysical Formation, Medical Rescue, Management and Production Engineering.


The University employs 288 people, of which 177 are academic teachers, in the majority connected with PWSZ in Nysa as the primary place of work. In this group, 45 people are working at the position of professor and college professor, 51 of assistant professor, 43 of lecturer, and 38 at the level of assistant, instructor, and lecturer. Education in Nysa provides academic staff from all over Poland. They are specialists and practitioners in medical sciences, health and physical culture, technical sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts.


The quality of education contributes to high employment rates and the earnings of graduates.  According to the monitoring of the Economic Fate of Graduates of Higher Education Institutions (ELA), the PWSZ in Nysa is among the universities with the highest indexes and is therefore regularly awarded within the "Didactic Initiative of Excellence" program. Nearly 14,000 professionals have graduated from the PWSZ in Nysa. They are valued and desired by employers. Moreover, they achieve significant successes in the local, national and international labor market.

Student`s research Groups and Associations

The 26 Student Research Groups are composed of students who improve their scientific qualifications and are involved in activities for the social environment. Our students participate in training trips, lectures, scientific conferences, and seminars. As a result of the SKN's activities for the benefit of the local community, various actions are organized, such as first aid training, blood collections, sports competitions, contests, and concerts.


Its infrastructure consists of eleven didactic buildings and a dormitory. They are connected by a fiber-optic network and ensure a high level of e-services. The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa (PWSZ) pursues an active policy of acquiring external funds, investing them in the development of teaching infrastructure. They have also been used to complete construction and equipment projects: Research and Education Centre for Conservation of Monuments for the Opole Region, Regional Centre for Knowledge Transfer and Innovative Technologies, and Monoprofile Centre for Medical Simulations.

Student`s placements and traineeships

Due to wide-ranging cooperation with enterprises and various institutions, the University offers its students the opportunity of work placements and internships. Among the companies with which University of Applied Sciences in Nysa  collaborates are: Alsecco, Cementownia Odra, Cukry Nyskie, Donaldson Polska, Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn, Intersnack Poland, Mitsubishi Electric, Nysa Energetyka Cieplna, Schattdecor, Umicore and many others.

Cooperation in the Region

The University undertakes a variety of popular science initiatives targeted at audiences of different age groups. Students of primary schools participate in classes of Nysa Academy of Young Discoverers. The scientific potential and infrastructure of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa benefit students from almost 100 secondary schools in Opolskie, Lower Silesia, and the Jeseniky region. Approximately 50 000 people participated in the 15th edition of the Nysa Science Festival, which was the leading event promoting science in the province. The PWSZ in Nysa also provides substantive and organizational assistance to senior circles - 11 Universities of the Third Age from the Opolskie and Lower Silesian Province with a combined total of over 1,000 students. In 2017, the PWSZ in Nysa organized the 1st Congress of UTW of the Opole Province.

International cooperation

The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa collaborates with more than 120 universities, research institutions, and numerous foreign employers. It enables students and academic staff to go on scholarship and organize collaborative research projects, conferences, seminars, and publications. There have been 207 partnership agreements signed with universities from 42 countries such as European Union member countries, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Montenegro, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.


The athletes representing the PWSZ in Nysa have been successful in competitions within the Academic Sports Association for many years. In the 2020/2021 academic year,  they were placed 2nd in the general classification of the Polish Academic Championships in the group of State University of Applied Sciences. The currently active sections of AZS are cross-country running, sports bridge, rowing ergometer, futsal, basketball, athletics, alpine skiing, volleyball, beach volleyball, snowboarding, chess, dancing, table tennis, power triathlon.

Since its establishment, the University has been meeting the needs of the city and the region. It has animated and actively participated in many collaborative projects related to science, culture, and sport.

The celebration of the jubilee of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa will take place on 8. October 2021 during the Solemn Inauguration of the Academic Year 2021/2022.


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