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University of Applied Sciences in Nysa Rules and Principles

General Information about the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa (PWSZ in NYSA)
The University of Applied Sciences is situated in Nysa in Opole Voivodship.

The University of Applied Sciences was founded in 2001, provides education in 14 fields of study: technical (Computer Science, Production management, Architecture), Economical (Finance and Banking), Social (Internal Security), Medical (Nursing, Medical rescue, Public Health, Cosmetology, Dietetics), Philological language studies ( English, German, Business English), Artistic (Jazz and Popular Music). The university has already promoted 8000 graduates and provides education for about 4500 students.
Rapidly developing, the laboratory equipment conforms to the highest standards that makes this institution a perfect place, in which students may receive high quality education, provided by outstanding academic teachers supported by two valuable institutions: the Regional Centre for Knowledge Transfer and Innovative Technology in Nysa and the Research and Development Centre for Renovation and Conservation. All this activities and the outstanding international cooperation in many fields makes studying in Nysa worthwhile and practical.
The University offers the possibility of studying either on weekdays (free of charge studies) or at weekends (paid studies) at one of the 11 faculties (14 institutes). Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa last, depending on faculties, from 6-7 semesters and end with a relevant degree (BA, BS) The university also provides the following interfaculty units: Library, Publishing House, Sport Centre, Science Information Centre, International Cooperation, Promotion Office, Career Office. Graduates from our University gets higher education and experience that result from our teaching staff and professional programme of training period. Graduating from the University of Applied Sciences enables either taking up a job or continuing education at MA level at other universities in the country or abroad.



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