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Fields of study

Technical fields of study:

  • Architecture: Architecture and urban planning (studies in the English language), Architecture of light, Conservation and preservation of works of art
  • Computer science: Computer games and multimedia, Internet systems, Systems and computer networks, Network and information technology security
  • Management and production engineering: Production automation and mechatronics systems, Production and service management, Quality management, Security management

Medical fields of study:

  • Dietetics: Clinical Dietetics, Administrative Dietetics
  • Cosmetology: Cosmetic Chemistry and technology, Specialist Cosmetology
  • Nursing
  • Emergency Medical Rescue
  • Public Health: Activation of the eldery, Health Promotion, Organisation of social services

Philological fields of study:

  • English philology (course of English language education)
  • German philology (course of German language education)
  • Business English (course of English language education)

Artistic fields of study:

  • Jazz and popular music: Instrumental and vocal, Artistic education in jazz and popular music, Sound engineering

Economical fields of study:

  • Finance and accounting: Corporate finance, Accounting and financial control

Social fields of study:

  • Internal security: Criminology and crime detection, Security of information technology systems, Economic security

Faculty of Architecture
Architecture and urban planning studied take three and a half years (7 semesters) and are completed with granting the title of architecture engineer. The qualifications obtained enable the graduate to work in various designing, urban planning and building institutions. During studies students can take part in Double Dipolma Programme which gives them diploma from two universities: The State Higher Vocational School in Nysa and Hochhschule Lausitz in Germany. The studies can be continued at the MSc level.

Faculty of Jazz
The education is realized through musical form and structure analysis- with theoretical knowledge and students workshops. Students get knowledge through literature analyzing, using instrumental and vocal techniques in musical interpretation, composing and arranging tunes. Students also learn about the cultural institutions organization. Graduates are prepared to lead an independent artistic work as a soloist, member of instrumental group, composer and jazz and show music arranger. The study programme enables continuing education at MA level

Faculty of Finance and Accounting
During studies students from Institute of Finance get basic knowledge of economics, law, organization, finance, accounting, informatics and extended knowledge adequate for economic specialities in the field of management and finance. Graduates are a specialist capable of taking up tasks and solve problems relating to finance management in economic organizations, local government offices or financial institutions. The study programme enables them continuing education at MA level.

Faculty of Computer Science
The main aim of informatics studies is to train the future engineers in the fields of projecting, implementing and operating computer systems. During studies students obtain necessary knowledge to take up work in the field of software designing as well as the development and implementation of computer systems (and administration of computer networks and data bases. Students can continue their studies at MA level.especially computer control systems and management of production and service systems), the projecting

Faculty of Management
During studies students are trained to deal with questions concerning production and the planning of production processes on the basis of a broad management knowledge. The combination of knowledge from various fields gives students an extensive insight into the practical side of production and services engineering. After second semester student can choose one from two specialties: Security management or Computer production and service management. Students can continue theirs studies on MA level on Management and Production Engineering faculty.

Faculty of Neophilology

English Philology: The study progamme includes didactic and glotodidactic subjects as well as professional trainings. During studies students obtain philological, cultural and practical knowledge of English language. Graduates can work as teachers and translators. Students can continue theirs studies on MA level on English Philology faculty.

German Philology : The study programme includes lectures, classes as well as pedagogical and translation traineeships. Students of German Language faculty learn about German culture, literature and they obtain philological and practical knowledge. Students have chance to practice they language competences by using modern multimedia equipment. Graduates can continue their studies at MA level.

Business English: The study progamme includes elements of economy and jurisprudence. The best students have a chance to get competences as sworn translators or technical and science translators. Students can also work as a press spokesmen, international correspondence specialists (business, political, economical), heads of international offices in large concerns or companies. Students can continue their studies at MA level.

Faculty of Nursing
Nurse / mal nurse as an independent practitioner has professional preparation to do basic medical intervention and to take care of individual persons, families groups. The study programme includes professional traineeships in hospitals

Faculty of Public Health:

Emergency Medical Rescue: During studies students of Medical rescue faculty learn about human anatomy and body functions. Knowledge they obtain is fundamental to understand clinical diseases and pre hospital intervention. The study programme enables students continuing education at MA level on Public health faculties.

Public Health: The studies have interdisciplinary character and include wide scope of problems. After fourth semester student can choose one from two specialties: Health promotion or Organization of social help. Studies give competences to work as an officer , medical case worker and also as a person who keeps social houses. Students can continue their education at MA level.

Faculty of Cosmetology
Student can choose one from two specialties: chemistry and cosmetics technology or technical cosmetology. During practical classes students conquer professional skills using the newest cosmetological technology facilities. Graduates can continue their education at MA level and work in beauty parlours, dermatological rooms, spa centers or cooperate with companies producing cosmetics

Faculty of Dietetics
During studies students from Institute of Dietetics get basic knowledge about nutrition and meals` preparation technology (for health persons as well as ill patients). Graduates can continue their education at MA level. Knowledge and skills gained during studies give students ability to work in public health care institutions, institutions of healthy nutrition, catering companies, consumer organizations, sport posts etc.

Faculty of Internal Security



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