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21-22.05.2020 International Scientific Symposium Call for papers

“Condition of healthcare, staff deficit and attractiveness of medical studies
– challenges for students and universities"

1. Symposium Theme

International Scientific Symposium:
“Condition of healthcare, staff deficit and attractiveness of medical studies – challenges for students and universities

2. Conceptual issues 

  • Exchange of experience between people willing to reform the healthcare system, reduce staff deficit and increase the attractiveness of medical studies
  • Plan of a forum gathering work and ideas of student research groups working both in a country and abroad
  • Promotion of nursing studies and medical rescue studies 

The major topics of the symposium are the experience exchange, and proposal of innovative solutions to increase both the attractiveness of medical studies as well as the quality of education, which would consequently reduce the problem of medical staff deficit. 

3. Additional topics of the symposium 

    • Advanced competencies and personal development of nurses, medical rescuers and  other medical professions. ; Appendix 1 – submitted papers` topics from the University of Applied Sciences Nysa for Your consideration.
    • Results of measurements evaluation and assessment on “Medical studies attractiveness and life satisfaction of students and medical graduates in Poland and other European countries.(already confirmed partners: Czech Republic, Slovakia). Questionnaire- see Appendix 2.
    • Possible ways to improve the “medical studies attractiveness ” and “quality of education” (nursing, emergency medical rescue, health sciences (dietetics, cosmetology, psychophysical human development)
    • Challenges and innovations in the healthcare. Exemplary list- see Appendix 3
    • Other topics related to the health science.

 4. Organisers

  • Institute of Medical Sciences and Institute of Health Sciences of UAS in Nysa
  • Student`s Scientific Association of Nursing and Emergency Medical Rescue, UAS in Nysa
  • International Cooperation Office, UAS in Nysa 

5. Language of instruction

The language of the "International Scientific Symposium" will be English. In order not to discourage students, we plan to allow the presentation of some papers in Polish with simultaneous translation. The International Scientific Symposium will also include paper sessions for foreign guests participating in the "International Week" and several student sessions.

6. Monograph Publication

It is planned that the publishing house of PWSZ in Nysa will issue a monograph containing the presented papers. Medical Science Pulse Journal based on University of Medical Applied Sciences, Opole, will also help us to publish and promote the papers presented at the Symposium.

We encourage all the interested participants to inform us about the active participation as soon as possible, by sending a one-page summary (no more than 250 words, preferably with structure: 1. aim, 2. methodology, 3. results, 4. conclusions). These abstracts will be available online at the special Symposium website before the conference.
The deadline for submitting abstracts: 1.02.2020
The deadline for submitting full papers: 1.03.2020

Abstracts to be sent on e-mail:

Prior registration on-line with or without paper:


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