International Conference on
Business Risk in Changing Dynamics of
Global Village (BRCDGV-2017)
Date: 26th-27th April 2017

About the Conference
Since centuries, the concept of globalisation has been addressed and re-shaped by the nation state’s on the basis of socio-political requirements. It’s a globalisation, which creates a concept of ‘global village’ without boarder with equal opportunity for everyone. The dynamics of this concept is that ‘minimise the restrictions and maximise the benefits’. Thus, going global for companies has become so influential that many of the companies that are doing well in home country are staring up their businesses in other countries to maximise the profit. Individuals from low income countries are seeking opportunities to the high income countries based on knowledge and skills in order to fulfill their dreams and have comfortable life style. But the current scenario brings a new picture of the world - more threatened, closed economies and nationalist approach. The recent event- BREXIT (exit of U.K. from E.U.) can be seen as one of the best example of such risk in the dynamics of the ‘global village’, as highest than ever before. The concept of sovereignty and sovereign states are increasing, borders are fenced, and migration policies are restricted. And new risks are generated in the global market. The declared result of the presidential election of the United States of America is full of surprises but at the same time well predicted, when the entire world is moving towards national interest risk free business- Donald Trump, an elected President of USA, could be seen as big risk for world community as well as business in this changing world order. Predictions are presented by the analysts for short and long term effects, but the risk in businesses in the current context of globalisation is remain in suspicion. Thus, we call researchers addressing the concrete approach which can build the future dynamics of ‘global village’ and minimise the risk in particular sectors.

Conference Aim
The aim of this scientific international conference is to provide a platform for professional debate with the participation of experts from around the globe in order to identify & analyse- risks and opportunities in today’s global business. The output of this conference will provide a framework for researchers, business elites and decision makers to uplift the business ties and minimise the risk for creating a world as global village.

Scale of the Conference
The Conference is designed to call expert’s around the globe from different sectors of practices which is in the risk and effected by globalisation. In fact, it is going to be an excellent platform for interactions between academicians, corporate representatives, policy makers, representatives of an organizations and community, and individuals. In general, conference appeals to each and every individuals being the part of this globalized world- either associated with educational sectors, Industrial sectors, banking sectors, legal sectors, or any part of the action which is taken for their livelihood. So, conference is open to each and every sectors to address issues and provide solutions in the interests of the world community. Mainly identified areas are- international relations, European integration & foreign policies, international trade related with management, finance, economics, marketing, engineering, social innovations, information technology, Law, health sciences, social care, modern languages and culture, as well as education & innovations. The conference will take place at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland.

The two-days conference is anticipated to be organised in cooperation with Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF, Warsaw, Poland, and its partner universities from Poland, India, Europe and other part of the world), in the heart of Central Europe and historical city of Poland- Nysa. University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is known for confident steps in pursuit of excellence in academic teaching, scientific research and student empowerment.
The Conference is expected to receive 120 delegates with opportunities for discussion for workshops and seminars. All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings as text books with separate ISBN Nos., and online publications with ISSN numbers.

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