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Biuro Karier
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Biuro Karier

European Policy Statement


The objective of PWSZ in Nysa, as a State Higher Vocational School, is providing the best quality educational services in accordance with European standards of teaching. It enables to educate students in the way which helps them to make good use of their theoretical and practical abilities acquired during their study period in order to manage effectively on their own on the competitive labour market. All activities connected with the University state of art take into account specific of the regional labour market one the one hand, as well as facilitate students adaptation to European economic realities on the other hand due to increasing internationalization of the University.

From the beginning of its existence PWSZ in Nysa has established contacts with partners abroad as international cooperation is one of the most important elements of the strategic development plan of our institution. The university is still planning to work within EU Programmes (Socrates/Erasmus /Comenius; PHARE CBC Small Projects, Leonardo da Vinci Mobility and Pilot projects, DAAD Programmes and others)

The main goals for PWSZ in Nysa strategy, objectives and priorities for its Erasmus and other LLL activities:

  1. Keeping economic stability and conditions for further dynamic development and the high quality education compatible with the standards adopted in the EU countries
  2. Establishing and promoting transparent and dynamic internationalisation and innovation of education strategy
  3. Better co-operation with natural partners of the University: professional associations, industry, business, research institutions, international organisations, regional communities
  4. Enhancing and broadening educational offer of the University, introducing European Dimension to Study programmes, monitoring and modernisation of curricula, and adapting them to European standards
  5. Increasing number and quality of students and academic staff mobility (outgoing and incoming students and teachers)
  6. Implementing regular courses in English as well as regular polish language classes for foreigners
  7. More active participation in Thematic Networks, Intensive courses and other possibilities under LLL Programme in co-operation with partners from the EU (Comenius, Grundtvig, Minerva);
  8. Spreading more visibility to Erasmus activities by promoting them among students, staff and regional media and partners
  9. EPS will be publicised on University web-site as well used in most important University strategic documentation PWSZ in Nysa ensures equal opportunities for all students and teachers, irrespective of their sex, age, social background, financial situation, political views, denomination and guarantee full access of disadvantaged people to studies. Academic achievements are the main criteria of selection and assessment of students. PWSZ in Nysa prevents and combats all symptoms of racism and xenophobia. Such attitudes have never been accepted among PWSZ in Nysa students and academics.

Other quality assurance points at the State Higher Vocational School in Nysa:

  1. Inter-institutional agreements have been signed with all the institutions for the mobility purposes
  2. No university fees for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities are to be charged to in-coming Erasmus students
  3. Full recognition is given to students for satisfactorily completed activities during their mobility period
  4. a) Highest quality is ensured for: the organization of student and staff mobility
    b) Highest quality is ensured for: the organization of student placements (optional,ref.EPS-D4)
  5. a) Curriculum information is up to date, easily accessible, transparent
    b) An academic credit transfer system is applied
  6. Equal academic treatment and services are ensured for home and Erasmus students
  7. The integration of visiting Erasmus students in the activities of the institution is supported
  8. Transcripts and information are provided in a timely manner to incoming Erasmus students and their institutions
  9. Erasmus teaching activities are facilitated and acknowledged
  10. The institution promotes and gives visibility to the Erasmus activities
  11. The Erasmus Charter and the EPS are publicized in the institution and are easily accessible to the students
  12. The institution complies with the non-discrimination objectives set out in the Lifelong Learning Programme

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