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Letter of intent between California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) in USA and University of Applied Sciences in Nysa

On 25.07.2017 UAS Nysa signed a binding letter of intent concerning academic cooperation between the University and California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) in USA. California State University Bakersfield has around 500,000 students and consists of 23 campuses which are situated in different cities. CSU is the largest University in USA which offers four-year degrees.

Both universities stated a serious intention to carry out mutual projects leading to variety of teaching and research activities, such as exchange of students and academic staff, organizing symposia, conferences as well as short courses and meetings. Moreover, the Universities plan to sign Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement, which will help to obtain funding for the planned activities. The cooperation will mostly involve the faculty of English philology, therefore students will have the possibility to take part in the classes with the lecturers from the USA.

List of activities which CSUB has organized so far in the cooperation with UAS Nysa.

  • Classes with students from the Department of Neophilology of UAS Nysa (6 weeks) held by Prof. Emerson Case in summer semester 2017/18
  • THE ONEBOOK PROJECT- students of UAS Nysa joined the INTERNATIONAL BOOK CLUB of the international readers club initiated by Prof. Emerson Case, visiting professor in UAS Nysa in academic year 2017/18. Currently, the group of members includes: American Language Institute, CSUB in USA, Connect University in Mjanma and Department of Neophilology of UAS Nysa. More information:,129,0,0,14&ak=47,7227,0

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