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 Erasmus+ Winter Semester at UAS in Nysa

Student’s opinions about the Erasmus+ Program at University of Applied Sciences in Nysa in winter semester 2020.


Rinesa Iseni – Kosovo

Student of English Philology, academic year 2020/21

One of my best decisions I made in my life is choosing to be an Erasmus student in the beautiful city of Nysa in Poland. The amazing city of Nysa is known worldwide for its delicious traditional food, amazing and kind-hearted people, for the breath-taking nature (with lakes, rivers and forests), and for the famous admired old history architecture and monuments that were built since the fifteenth century. Before I came to Poland I had a goal , that goal was developing myself for good and increase my skills and knowledge, and indeed I did with the help of the great professors, with the help of the kind coordinators and not to forget the great and warmth friendship I was able to create during my stay here in Poland. I would like to encourage students to visit this amazing city and study in one of the most prestigious universities of Europe such is the University of Applied Science of Nysa. In my opinion, traveling and studying in the same time is a great opportunity and a fantastic experience that every student should experience at least once in their lifetime, like Saint Augustine, one of the best philosophers once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.


Iran Mildred Coria Lozano – Mexico

Trainee at ICO, academic year 2020/21

To have lived my Erasmus+ in Nysa was such an amazing experience. Although the city is a bit smaller, it has so much charm: beautiful architecture, a nice view of a lake, a beach to spend time with friends, green parks to walk by.

The people that I met were what completed this incredible time, I created the greatest friendships, learned so much about other cultures, and had the freedom to grow; including the International Office and the English Philology Department personnel, which were always there for anyone who needed help.

I will always be thankful for having spent my Erasmus+ in beautiful Nysa. If you have the opportunity for this city, I encourage you to take it, you won’t regret it :)  


Adela Seferi – Albania

English Philology, academic year 2020/21 

Erasmus is one of those adventures which can't be forgotten. My very first time in Poland and there's no better way to get to know the place then living there and I must say that I am impressed from the love and the comfort I felt here! Nysa is a small and quiet city but it's very friendly and you can find everything you search for. What I like most about the university, was the atmosphere. The students were very friendly and willing to help I made a lot of good friends here. Teachers are very patient they are ready to help whenever I asked for. Also our coordinator, Izabela Stec did a great job and was there for us, helping with everything we needed! Of course the COVID-19 didn't make the things very easy but I must say that I really enjoyed every day of the experience. I want to remind everyone to have to take the chance and be part of Erasmus experience and there's no better place than Nysa, it can change your life! I promise you will feel like home here!



Emre Ozay – Turkey

Computer Science, academic year 2020/21 

When I first came to Nysa, the buildings in the city immediately caught my attention. They were so beautiful with different colors and shades. What is more, I liked that there are many green areas like parks, forests and walking routes. Our coordinator and my new international friends helped me a lot in adapting to Erasmus life. We had such a great time with my friends I made here. Also our coordinator was very helpful and nice. Most of our professors replied quickly when we had some questions and doubts. Erasmus was a good experience, although we could not do much activity due to the coronavirus. I recommend it to everyone.





Kerem Safa Dirican– Turkey

Computer Science, academic year 2020/21 

Being an Erasmus+ student in a pandemic is a very different experience than a normal time. It has some disadvantages like not being able to travel much but still we have great friendships which is more important. Yes, maybe We couldn't go to the cinema but it didn't stop us from watching movies together in the dormitory :) Also Nysa is a very beautiful city and still has many things to do. Apart from these, we had the opportunity to visit other cities in Poland. We have so much fun here and I really want to visit here again in the future.






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