Dear Colleagues,
With our ten-year experience in foreign language teaching and in the Erasmus exchange programme, we would like to invite you to the conference:
" European cultural transfer in literature, language and foreign language teaching."

The conference is organised by the University of Applied Sciences of Nysa in collaboration with Ivan Franko University of Lviv. It will be held in Nysa on 12th-14th April, 2014, within the frames of the International Erasmus Week. Each paper will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation. We are planning to publish the proceedings after a review of submitted papers.

We invite papers in the following three areas:

  1. Foreign language teaching, with elements of regional studies.
    The papers can deal with teaching in the regions that either are or once were multicultural, such as those of Nysa or Lviv. Looking forward to contributions from the participants we would like, in particular, to address the following questions: would the elements of regional studies enhance the motivation of foreign language students, and how can regional studies be combined with foreign language studies? Are there any differences between teaching a "small" language and a "big" one? Would it make sense to write textbooks incorporating elements of regional studies?

  2. Problems in teaching translation and translation studies.
    Here we are thinking in particular about the following issues: What is the role of theories of translation in translation classes? Should translation of belles-lettres be practised in translation classes? How should one teach the translation of specialist languages, such as that of medical sciences or law? What are faux amis? How to teach translation to sworn translators?

  3. Transfer of culture in foreign language studies.
    This topic relates to intercultural communication in practical activities (such as business meetings, ecology, correspondence, political discourse, etc.). We are thinking here about cultural transfer in relation to local communities, partnership of towns and regions; about common cross-border projects and resulting problems of communication, about transcultural projects (e.g. Polish-German in Nysa, Polish-Ukraine in Lviv, Polish-Czech in Brno or Prague). We mean not only narrower issues, in foreign language teaching, but also wider ones, relating to problems in the history of the nations involved, such as mutual prejudices or stereotypes, the role of mass media. Other significant questions relate to belles-lettres – a significant factor in cultural transfer in education.
10-12.04.-2014 EUROPEAN TRANSFER OF CULTURE literature language didactics
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